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Data Recovery from Hard Drives

Data sectors damage
Getting on a bad block, the magnetic head tries to read the information recorded in it, after an unsuccessful attempt they skip it. To restore the hard disk, we use Data Extractor - a hardware-software complex which copying faulty sectors with minimal losses and clone the lost storage device. This way of recovery is used when the information from the hard disk cannot be read, information is read incorrectly, reading speed decreases, magnetic heads skip a broken cluster without reading information.
A hard disk repair is only possible if the number of bad blocks is small and can be hidden in the factory defect lists, or if unreadable sectors appear in a certain area and it is possible to hide a part of the user zone to prevent the appearance of more bad sector areas. However, we consider such repair only if the drive will not be used to store important data as there is no guarantee for how long the disk will last.

Electronics board defective
Typically, this problem occurs due to power outages, power surges, etc. In most of the cases, this malfunction is diagnosed when the drive does not response to the power supply, the spindle doesn't spin up, emit any signs of operability in general, and if a short circuit happens, some of the elements on the board can get very hot, or you can feel a burnt smell. It can happen because of burnout of board components, electrical breakdown, power connection error, power supply defect. For data recovery a similar electronics board is adjusted to a damaged drive.

Manufacturing defect
Hard drives that have not been tested beforehand can fail even after a few weeks of use. This problem occurs mainly with newer hard drives. The reason for most of the cases is a manufacturing defect, which leads to a hard drive failure. The best way to prevent this problem is to approach the issue of buying a new hard drive as carefully as possible and, if necessary, seek qualified assistance. It is imperative that you test your new hard drive before installing it in your computer system, if you have the option. And yet, you can never be a hundred percent sure that this will not happen with your purchase. So, in such a case, the only way out of the situation is to return and replace the drive.
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